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“Construction commences on new homes in north side Milwaukee subdivisions”–12/31/20

“Milwaukee breaks ground on Walnut Circle and Josey Heights subdivisions ”–12/30/20

“First of 10 new homes breaks ground in stalled Lindsay Heights subdivisions” The Milwaukee Business Journal-12/29/20

“Milwaukee breaking ground on subdivision projects to encourage homeownership”–12/28/20

“Data Dream Awards provide $30,000 in services for Milwaukee-based organizations: Six winning organizations seek to improve their impact through data ” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–12/14/20

“Lindsay Heights gears up for Phase II of The Commons” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–12/8/20

“Virtual Doors Open Milwaukee offers 85+ online building tours, neighborhood experiences and more”–9/26/20

“Housing & Health: How minority communities are left out on both”–9/17/20

“Hawaii Theatre for Youth (HTY) announces A Party on the HI Way ”–9/9/20

“Free virtual BizExpo is this week”–8/13/20

“Packers' Mark and Laurie Murphy back MPS Foundation's #ConnectMilwaukee campaign”–7/31/20

“Clarke Square apartments open”–7/24/20

“$200,000 matching gift challenge for #ConnectMilwaukee issued by Burke Foundation and Zilber Family Foundations”–7/22/20

“$200,000 matching gift challenge for #ConnectMilwaukee issued by Burke Foundation and Zilber Family Foundations”–7/21/20

“$200K matching gift challenge for #ConnectMilwaukee issued by 2 local foundations”–7/21/20

“A campaign to close the digital divide for Milwaukee students”–7/13/20

“Milwaukee to offer $1 lots, $30,000 home buyer subsidies in tow subdivisions ”–6/19/20

“City offering new subsidies for homes in two urban subdivisions”–6/19/20

“LBWN announces grants for neighborhood small businesses impacted by COVID-19” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–5/19/20

“MaskUpMKE has made 1.5 million masks”–5/18/20

“St. Ann Center staff to help make masks for community”–5/12/20

“Foundation request for proposals for Covid-19 relief”–5/4/20

“Greater Milwaukee Foundation secures $1 million grant from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for collective impact response to COVID-19” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–5/4/20

“Matilda Ward Youth Empowerment Association receives small grant to fund summer meal program at Butterfly Park” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–5/4/20

“MaskUpMKE needs volunteer mask makers to help essential workers”–4/28/20

“MaskUpMKE and how you can be a part”–4/27/20

“Fiserv Forum serves as distribution site for face mask assembly kits”–4/24/20

“Zilber Family Foundation commits $3 million to nonprofits’ COVID-19 response”–4/17/20

“Zilber Family Foundation commits $3 Million in funding to support COVID-19 response” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–4/16/20

“Coalition of Milwaukee philanthropies partner to coordinate local resources in response to COVID-19”–3/29/20

“Local philanthropic coalition raises $1.2 million to help community during coronavirus outbreak”–3/23/20

“Milwaukee nonprofits join forces to raise over $1M for community needs during outbreak” The Milwaukee Business Journal-3/21/20

“More than 100 Milwaukee residents qualify for property tax relief”–2/20/20