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“Clarke Square group names director”  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel–12/23/12

“UNCOM receives large Zilber grant” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service-12/16/12

“Zilber Family Foundation announces three-year grant to UNCOM”–12/11/12

“Ownership, engagement key to moving forward in Lindsay Heights” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service-11/2612

“Layton Boulevard West neighborhoods 'on the rise'” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service-11/21/12

“New program to teach leaders 'the power they have'” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service-11/14/12

“Strong community leadership’ key to revitalizing Amani, Metcalfe Park” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service-10/26/12

“New journalists in town”–10/22/12

“Zilber takes aim at Target to help promote art, literacy at MPS” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service-10/12/12

“Target joins other business ramping up school volunteerism”  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel–10/10/12

“Journey House aims to bring music to Clarke Square youth” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service-10/9/12

“NNS awarded Knight Foundation matching grant” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service-9/23/12

“Community Warehouse to bring jobs to north side” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–9/17/12

“NNS to benefit from Public Policy Forum fellowships” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–8/2/12

“Lindsay Heights school wins national Target grant” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–8/20/12

“A.W.E.'s Satellite Studio activates pocket park” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–8/8/12

“Zilber Initiative makes progress rehabbing neighborhoods: 4 Years in, program has paid dividends”  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel–8/5/12

“A Brush With Kindness blitz saves homeowners thousands in repairs” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–8/2/12

“Journey House celebrates new building”  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel–7/22/12

“Volunteers brighten playground at Hopkins Lloyd School” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–5/21/12

“Volunteers, Zilber initiative aid playground makeover”  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel–5/14/12

“Clarke Square homeowners eligible for free property repairs” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–3/26/12

“Clarke Square neighborhood organizer wins award” Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service–1/12/12